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Insurance Claims Advocates

We’re on your side. And we’re always on call.

Our role in the claims process goes beyond acting as an insurance advocate. When Britton Gallagher’s Claims Advocacy team is notified of a claim, we stay involved in the entire process and partner with our clients to ensure claims are handled accurately and on time.

Britton Gallagher brings decades of experience as a Property and Casualty claims advocate and manager for a variety of exposures for companies all over the globe. We bring you technical expertise, from basic claim input information to assistance with follow-ups. We recognize the importance of delivering cost-effective settlements.

Our advocacy team plays an active role in the entire claims process, from initial reporting to final payment. We actively engage with our clients throughout the process and work as a team to get claims resolved efficiently and to deliver the best outcomes possible. We ensure that all reported claims are properly categorized.

We bring clients the administrative, executive and legal support required to facilitate a clean claims process. We take our role as a trusted adviser seriously. Through our 24/7 Claims Management and Reporting Services, we partner with clients and advocate for them when they face troublesome claims.

Britton Gallagher’s Claims Advocacy Team

For After Hours Assistance:

Phone: 800.607.4711


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