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Who We Serve: Pyrotechnics


Watch Their Faces While We Watch Your Back

Britton Gallagher Pyrotechnic Insurance Program

While all eyes are on the sky, our clients rest easy knowing we have their backs. Our team of consultants advises on innovative risk management solutions and provides competitive, customized insurance solutions for clients in the fireworks industry.

The pyrotechnics insurance division of Britton Gallagher serves over 200 clients in consumer fireworks, commercial display fireworks, manufacturing, indoor (close proximity), and special effects.



Display Pyrotechnics

Fireworks Display, Package Show, and Special Effect Insurance

Your situation is never the same twice, and we understand each display has its own set of circumstances that need to be covered. We assist you in meeting the regulation requirements for storage, handling, transportation, employee training, and the display itself.

Consumer Pyrotechnics

Wholesale and Retail Firework Insurance

The only good fireworks experience is a safe fireworks experience and our pyro retail clients aggressively promote best practices, guidelines, and provide resources to ensure customers enjoy their products safety.

Pyrotechnic Manufacturers

From Powder to Star Shells, Insurance for Firework Manufacturers

As a pyrotechnic manufacturer, you face various regulatory, supply chain, and quality control challenges. These obstacles can include exposures that may be costly or even dangerous for your business.

Our team is well versed in the many variables that can create risks and liability exposures for our pyrotechnic manufacturer clients. We work with you to secure the necessary coverages to ensure compliance with safety standards along with proactively identifying opportunities to mitigate risks.


Our Clients

Our clients are taking on amazing display projects and making strides to improve safety standards within the industry. Some of our client’s most impressive fireworks displays include:

  • Display throughout the world
  • The largest New Year’s Eve show in the US shot off of 8 casinos in Las Vegas
  • The largest 4th of July shows in the United States
  • Super Bowl fireworks displays
  • Large rock concert pyrotechnic displays
  • Popular movie special effects

Their passion for their craft inspires us every day. Our commitment to our pyro clients goes far beyond an insurance policy. It is a promise we will do all we can to ensure they continue to safely awe and amaze audiences while growing their business.

Client Spotlight – Melrose Pyrotechnics

Melrose Pyrotechnics is a fourth generation pyromusical display company utilizing firework display choreographers, soundtrack artists, and state-of-the-art production studios to build entertainment that defies imagination.

Producing shows for Navy Pier, the Chicago White Sox, and more, Melrose Pyrotechnics turns to Britton Gallagher to help navigate through complicated regulatory issues. Melrose has built a reputation on exceeding expectations, an aspect they feel Britton Gallagher shares when it comes to service.

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