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Our Process: Management Liability


Solving for Success

Creative Insurance Packages for Specialized and Niche Liability Needs

Your business is successful because of the unique way you provide your service or product to your customers. That special asset that gives your company a competitive edge is the reason professional and management liability insurance programs are so complex. There is no “standard” insurance package as certain coverages are not necessary or appropriate in all situations.

Our risk consultants review the structure of your business, its operations, and other key factors in order to identify your specific management and professional exposures. The team then uses innovative methods to create a unique coverage package combining EPLI, crime, fiduciary, and other policies appropriate for your situation.


Year-Round Management & Professional Liability Resources

Proactive, Preventative Risk Consulting

The modern business world is constantly evolving, minimizing one exposure, and creating new ones in its wake. Monitoring and effectively addressing these changes is a challenging task for your management team; especially when their focus should be on growing your business.

As your management team and business grows or changes, our team proactively evaluates your program to ensure you continue to have appropriate coverages. Our team is available to consult on situations that may impact your exposures and will advise on preventative actions to take to reduce your risks.

We keep you up-to-date with compliance, regulatory issues, and security concerns as they materialize. Our team can provide exposure scorecards, questionnaires, and other assessment tools to help you create strategies for your business to effectively manage risks.


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