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Who We Serve: Life Sciences


Take Risks. Dream Big.

Britton Gallagher Life Sciences Insurance

Britton Gallagher has worked with over 400 life sciences clients in all stages of development, including:

  • Start-ups performing research & development on new products
  • Clinical stage, including those conducting human clinical trials to test the efficacy of their product
  • Commercial sale of FDA or CE approved products
  • Publicly traded companies
  • US operations of foreign based companies


Medical Devices & Medical Implants

From Bandages to MRIs, Insurance Coverage for Medical Devices

As a medical device or implant company, you face various development, regulatory, and quality control challenges. With these obstacles lie many risks, which can become costly, stalling or even ending your business.

Our team has become very adept at reacting quickly to the changing needs of a device manufacturer, enabling us to secure necessary coverages to protect you from the many exposures that grow as your company moves from FDA approval to commercialization.

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Supply Chain, Clinical Trials, and Personalized Medicine Insurance Needs

With strict regulation and fragile supply chains, pharmaceutical companies face extreme scrutiny and high risks as they develop medical technologies and solutions.

Britton Gallagher understands the many liabilities and risks inherent to pharmaceutical biotech companies in all stages of product development, from start-up firms with one promising product to companies with multiple drugs in global clinical trials. We can provide guidance to ensure your company is protected from human clinical trial liability exposure to commercialization of a technology.

Healthcare IT

Medical Technology Insurance

Technology is the engine driving innovation forward in the life sciences sector, enabling companies like you to develop lifesaving or life enhancing solutions to prevent or cure disease. We understand the challenges you face and work one-on-one with you to identify exposures and create stability.
We are able to secure special coverage solutions which address the critical exposures you face on a daily bases including patient care, patient administration, and medical device support.


Our Clients

Our clients are working on ground-breaking developments for the life sciences field, making critical discoveries to advance healthcare by leaps and bounds. Examples include:

  • Bridge to Life Companies
  • Stem Cell Developments
  • Cancer Therapies
  • Deep Brain Stimulation
  • Personalized Medicine
  • Ovarian Cancer Detection
  • Early Detection of Heart Disease

Their passion in the above fields inspires us every day. Our commitment to our clients goes beyond an insurance policy. It is a promise that we will do all we can to ensure they grow and achieve their dream of success.

Client Spotlight – ChoiceSpine, Spinal Implant Solutions

ChoiceSpine designs spinal product solutions for healthcare professionals, distributors, and patients. A rapidly growing company in the life sciences field, ChoiceSpine’s innovative and proprietary products, when combined with effective procedures, have a successful track record of producing better quality outcomes in surgical patients.

Co-Founders Rick Henson and Marty Altshuler discuss how Britton Gallagher demonstrated how under-insured they were originally with a local broker and what steps they needed to take to fully protect their expanding interests. Battling FDA regulations and other unknowns, ChoiceSpine relies on Britton Gallagher life sciences risk advisors for options, strategy, and service for all their insurance needs.

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