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Employee Benefits: Workplace Wellness


Live Well, Work Well

Wellness: Expand Your Benefits Package

Workplace wellness affects your company in several ways. Managing the health of employees has the potential to lower health care costs, increase productivity, decrease absenteeism and raise employee morale – All keys to help improve business functions.

Because employees spend a large portion of their waking hours at work, the workplace is an ideal setting to address health and wellness issues, benefiting your employees’ personal lives as well as their professional lives.

Your workforce is comprised of many types of individuals—with different skills, personalities, and health risks. Help them identify these specific risks and provide ways for successful personal health improvements. Support employees with the necessary methods for personal accountability and increased health impact.

Develop a blueprint for improving the health of your population – Empower all employees to take advantage of the tools and resources available. Doing so, can help create a top-notch benefits package affecting long-term business goals by attracting, recruiting and retaining top talent. Offering a comprehensive package can lead your company to a more efficient and cost-effective workforce.

Wellness Success

Wellness is successful when it is aligned with a company’s:

  • Core beliefs and how they are practiced
  • Key behaviors for employees to perform and the company to permit
  • Specific outcomes to promote and publicize

Client Services

Here are just a few ways we can help:

  • Assess population health needs and risks
  • Provide solutions, tools and resources to positively impact employee lives
  • Assist your company’s Benefits Team to communicate effectively and implement programming initiatives through health awareness materials and education
  • Maximize existing and available carrier resources
  • Evaluate environmental systems and provide ways to make policy or procedural changes
  • Support the integration of health and wellness to a company’s culture

Expanding your benefits with wellness solutions can help improve employee health, facilitate a productive culture and generate a thriving business.


Client Spotlight – The K & D Group

View the video for a firsthand testimonial from one of our revered clients.


Wellness Consulting Services

Our dedicated staff can help your company take its wellness and health management programs to the next level or build the proper foundation necessary to succeed. Clients hire us to help design a health strategy playbook specific to their business. This dynamic process assists any type of organization with the development of a behavioral blueprint – One built to improve the environment, culture and health of their population.

Making health management a strategic priority needs an outside perspective to help your company design, implement and execute a proper plan. Partner with our Consultant to help your company:


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You should always take your wellness needs seriously. Contact the Britton Gallagher team for help.

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