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Employee Benefits: Telemedicine


Enhance Your Employee Benefits Plan

On-Demand Health Care with Telemedicine

As technology has advanced, so has people’s ability and expectations to overcome the traditional communication barriers of time and distance. Access to health care service is no different. The practice of telemedicine is a step forward in the health care industry to use telecommunications to bridge the gap of time, distance, and affordability to reach patients in need of medical attention.

Telemedicine is a health care service that provides 24-hour, 7-days-a-week call-in, web or app access to US Board Certified doctors, who can diagnose non-emergency medical problems and prescribe medication when needed.

Your current group insurance plan may offer their own “phone a doctor” services, however, the carrier models charge a $40-$50 copay per consult and directly impact your claims data. Britton Gallagher’s telemedicine model offers no copay and users can access the service via phone, app, or video conference.


Decrease Health Costs & Increase Employee Productivity

Telemedicine Employer Benefits

Britton Gallagher is a telemedicine consultant and ensures member companies and their employees receive the maximum benefits from the service.

Employers can enhance their overall group benefits with the addition of telemedicine while also reducing health care costs, improving employee productivity, and increasing employee satisfaction. The service can be added on to any health insurance plan and utilization does not have any impact on your company’s claim experience.

This shift in medical service is an effective wellness strategy that can have immediate impact on a company’s healthcare expenses. Some employer highlights of the service include:

Eliminating the Trip to a Waiting Room

Employee Benefits

Telemedicine eliminates the need to go to a doctor’s office where your employee and their family can come in contact with others who are sick. People have become more used to on-demand access to services and products, making this technology perfect for today’s busy families.

The average wait time from the initial phone call to the time your employee speaks with a doctor is 14 minutes. This compares favorably to the time it often takes for a typical doctor’s appointment.

Employees and their families can quickly access support for over 900 common medical issues including cold and flu symptoms, ear infections, congestion, or sinus problems. With this model of telemedicine, there are no co-pays and no limitations on use. This allows members to reduce claims expenditure and drive down the overall cost of medical coverage.


With the telemedicine service, you have a dedicated account manager and support staff that will manage your account. The account manager analyzes your utilization and activation numbers, strategizes with you and works with you to drive utilization. We are not a drop and go plan.

You have access to marketing materials to drive awareness and utilization among your employees. In addition to the marketing materials and a dedicated account manager, we know how to align our activities in a way that connects with employees/their families and motivates them to use the program. We know that success comes from an ongoing partnership and working together to build success.

As with any new offering, success hinges on your commitment to educate and communicate to employees about the product or service and the benefits it provides. Britton Gallagher will work with you on growing utilization through a variety of marketing strategies and employee outreach to ensure a successful telemedicine program is implemented.


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