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Boat Insurance 101 – Do You Have the Proper Coverage?

May 31, 2019

Spring has sprung and the weather is finally getting warmer after a long drawn-out winter – and most everybody is in the mood to celebrate the sunshine and warmer temperatures. If you have a boat, chances are you are anxious to get it out of storage and out on the open waters as soon as …

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Engage Your Workforce – Using Wellness to Drive Positive Change

March 27, 2019

Employee engagement has been a primary goal of many companies recently. With engagement as a goal, offering a corporate wellness program is considered a top tactic behind increasing engagement. Why? Well, wellness has become a critical business strategy since growing from simply having a few disjointed activities to a comprehensive, all-inclusive package. According to a …

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Product Recall Insurance: Coverage Myths and Misconceptions

November 26, 2018

Most believe a product recall event would have coverage under a general or product liability policy–this is a dangerous misconception. Most policies only go into effect if there is bodily injury or property damage, but exclude contamination or recall events without the presence of a defined coverage occurrence or claim. In today’s market, consumable, non-consumable …

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